The meaning behind the name.

"Not only do I share my middle names with my mother, Renee, and my mother’s mother, Johanna, but the maiden name of my father’s mother, Cazares. It was a pleasant accident [for me] that happened during my father’s visa process which gifted me an “all-female” name that constitutes my love for family and my identity as a Mexican-Italian woman."


Andrea RJ Cazares received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the American University of Rome in Italy where she studied religious iconography, art history, and ancient methods of art-making. Her work is influenced by antiquities and spiritual symbolism from multiple cultures that she combines into figurative and natural forms to narrate stories and create beauty. In addition to her life as an artist, Andrea works full-time at Nimbus Arts, a non-profit art center in St Helena, overseeing studio spaces and running inventive classes as an Artist instructor for both children and adults. She brings 9 years of fine art experience in painting, drawing, printmaking, clay sculpting, sewing, majolica, and has a wealth of knowledge regarding art materials and techniques.

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Etsy Store

A shop dedicated to traditional Fine Art mediums and historical art methods. All of Cazares' work is a combination of figurative and natural forms that narrate her rich Latin heritage. There is a piece for every home and all appreciators of the ARTS


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